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The Evans family history

History of the Evans Family - as told by Mark Evans

Grave Number 41 Section A – St Peters Parish Church, Blackley - see here for details of the grave.

John Evans
Ellen Evans nee Tomlinson
John Albert Evans (Alf)
Harry Evans
Arthur Evans
Catherine Evans nee Johnson

John Evans - my great great grandfather

Born about 1856 Manchester, died 28.12.1913.
John’s marriage certificate shows that he married Ellen Tomlinson on 31st December 1879. John was 23 and Ellen was 24. John was shown as a bachelor. His occupation is listed as a clerk. His father is shown as John Evans, a deceased book keeper. Ellen’s father is also called John and his occupation looks like Fitter. Ellen’s occupation is listed as a dressmaker. The residence at the time of marriage for both is shown as 30, Hannah Street, Collyhurst.
The 1881 Census shows John, aged 25, lives at 100 Knightley Street with Ellen his wife, also 25. His occupation is listed as a Carter and his birth place is shown as Manchester.
The 1891 Census shows John’s address as 132 Old Lane, Blackley.
The 1901 census shows John and his family live at 4 Clough Bank, Blackley.
John’s death certificate shows that he died on 28th December 1913 at 33, Lawson Street, Blackley aged 57 years. His occupation is listed as a bleachers townsman.
An article by John’s granddaughter Doris Bannister in the St Peter’s Church Magazine states at the family lived at Pear Tree Cottage, Old Road, Blackley. The children three boys and three girls attended St Peters Day School, Sunday School and Church and were apparently a well known respected family.
The family headstone in St Peters Churchyard in Blackley confirms that John died on 28th December 1913 aged 57. John is the first name on the headstone and it reads – ‘In Loving Memory of John the beloved husband of Ellen Evans who died December 28th 1913 aged 57 years’.

John Albert Evans (Alf) - my great grandfather

Born 12.08.1881 100 Knightley Street, Collyhurst.
Died 28.12.1938 19 Wilson Road, Blackley.
A copy of an entry in the birth register shows that John’s birth was registered on 19.09.1881. He was born on the 12.08.1881 at 100 Knightley Street and named John Albert. His father is shown as John Evans whose occupation is listed as a carter. His mother is Ellen Evans nee Tomlinson.
The 1891 Census shows him living with his family at 132 Old Road, Blackley. He is 9 and is shown as being born in Manchester and as a scholar. His father, John is 36, shown as being born in Salford and his occupation is listed as a colt dyer. His mother Ellen is 35 and is shown as born in Manchester. His sisters are: Florence, aged 7 who was born in Castleton and is shown as a scholar, and Mary, who is 3 and born in Blackley. His brother is Henry, who is one an a half and also born in Blackley.
The 1901 Census lists John as living at 4 Clough Bank which is in Blackley. He is 19 and is listed as Albert. His occupation is listed as Printer Letter Press. His father, John, is 43 and shown as a Porter for Alia Works. His mother, Ellen, is 44 and his brothers and sisters are: Florry aged 17 born in Castleton and her occupation is shown as Pattern Room, Harry 11, Lilly 8 and Arthur 5. Lilly and Arthur are listed as being born in Manchester. There is no listing for Mary. Also living at the address is his uncle, Tom, aged 35, who was born in Salford. His occupation is listed as a labourer but the type of labourer cannot be read. There are minor differences from the 1891 Census. Florence is called Florry, Mary is not listed and Henry is called Harry.
John’s Labour Certificate confirms that his date of birth is 12.08.1881. It shows him living at 132 Old Road, Blackley. He is shown as attending Blackley National School and he reached the fourth standard. It is dated 11th September 1894 when John would have been 13.
John was married to Catherine Johnson and they had two children: John Albert and Doris. John and Catherine's marriage certificate shows they were married on 18th May 1907 when they were both aged 24. John was shown as a printer and shown as living at 331 Abbey Hey Lane. His father is listed as John Evans whose occupation is listed as what looks like carrier but this is difficult to read. Catherine is shown as a packer and her father Samuel Johnston is listed as a potters-mould maker. The marriage took place at the Parish Church in the Parish of St George’s, Gorton. John along with his two brothers was involved in the First World War.
John’s army papers shows that the regiment John served in was 3rd East Lancashire Field Ambulance, Regimental No 830. It shows he was enlisted on 9.12.15. It would appear that John was wounded or at least something happened to him on 06.06.17. However it is not easy to read the entry. It shows John’s date of discharge was 2.10.17 and his address on discharge was 19 Wilson Road, Blackley, Manchester.
John was a printer and one of his employers was J & EW Jackson Ltd, Letterpress and Lithographic Printers, Account Bookmakers, Engravers and Manufacturing Stationers. They were based at 60 & 62 Corporation Street, Manchester.
John’s death certificate confirms that he died 28th December 1938 at 19 Wilson Road Blackley aged 56.
A paper cutting provides information in relation to John’s death. It says John Albert Evans of Wilson Road, Blackley – ‘Mr Evans died on Wednesday last after a short illness which developed with tragic suddenness. He was 56 and a letterpress printer by occupation. Had family connections with St Peter’s, Blackley. The funeral took place on Saturday service being conducted at St Peter’s’ – Blackley Guardian Jan 7/39.

Henry (Harry) Evans

Born 1890, Manchester.
Henry was John’s brother and was killed during the 1st World War.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website shows that Harry was the son of John and Ellen Evans of Blackley, Manchester, husband of Jessie Davies (formerly Evans), of 5, Kings Lea, Holland Road, Crumpsall, Manchester. He was a private in The King’s (Liverpool Regiment), 2nd/10th Bn. He joined the ranks of 10/KLR.TF., at Liverpool. His initial number was 6810 and he was posted to 2/10th Bn. Serving in the U.K. at Maidstone, Canterbury, Sandwich, Aldershot, & Blackdown Barracks, Hants. His new services number post 1916 is 357748 and he proceeded overseas with the 2/10th Bn in February 1917. He served in France and Flanders. He was wounded and died of his wounds on 07.07.17 aged 27. He is buried at the cemetery Erquinghem – Lys Churchyard extension, grave number II.D.12.
His name also appears on the family grave at St Peter’s Church, Blackley and along with his brother, Arthur his name appears on the Cenotaph outside the Church.
A newspaper article says Henry was a highly esteemed Blackley young man. It notes that during the month of April 1916 he joined the Liverpool Scottish Regiment after disposing of a grocery business he had undertaken in the Peel Road, Douglas, Isle of Man. As a boy he attended the day schools connected with St Peter’s Church, Blackley and was also a member of the Sunday schools and church. At the age of 14 he began employment in the grocery department of the CWS at Crumpsall where he remained until he took up business in Douglas. He was 27 years of age and leaves a widow and one little boy. His mother who resides at 18 Lawson Street, Blackley has her two other sons in the army, Private Albert Evans who is on a draft for overseas service and Private Arthur Evans in a Middlesex Regiment, is now in training in this country. In local football Private Harry was very prominent. He distinguished himself as a boy with his schools club, developing his skill in the game later when playing with the CWS team.

Arthur Evans

Born about 1896, Manchester.
Died 28.11.1918.
Arthur was the youngest of the three brothers. He joined the Middlesex Regiment and the unit text is listed as 29th Bn. His secondary regiment was the Labour Corps and he was transferred to (155053) 660th Agricultural Coy. His service number is shown as G/91909. He died on 28.11.1918.
Some of his Army papers have been found on line. The front page of the records which are on is headed British Army WW1 Service Records, 1914-1920, it shows he was 20 and born about 1896, his residence is shown as 18 Lawson Street, Blackley, Manchester, his regiment name is shown as – Lanc Fus C attached, and his regiment number – 9001. One page of the papers is headed Notice of Appeal. The name of the local Tribunal is Borough of Margate. He is shown as a Private in the Territorial Force. Under the section grounds on which appeal made it states – Insufficient grounds or claim. Financial position of mother would be no worse if he were on foreign service. There are two pages that are shown as Army Form B 268A. They are headed Territorial Force – Proceedings on Discharge during the period of Embodiment. His Corps of Territorial Force is shown as what looks like 6th Lancs Fus (attached). It is not possible to read the Battalion, Battery, Company, Depot, but it looks like 45th Prad Batt. His date of discharge is shown as May 17th 1916. His description at the time of discharge is: age 20 years and one month, height 5’ 6’’, chest – girth when fully expanded 36 ins, range of expansion 2 ins, Complexion – fair, Eyes – blue, Hair – dark brown, Trade – signwriter, Intended place of residence – 18 Lawson Street, Blackley, Manchester. It states – The above named is discharged in consequence of – Military Service Sept 1916. The papers show that he was based in Margate at this time.
Arthur was a victim of the severe influenza that raged at the time and died in a Military Hospital ‘somewhere in England’. His body was brought home and he was buried in St Peter's churchyard in the family grave. His name is on the cenotaph outside the church. There is a story that his body was lost on its way back to Manchester and was found in the sidings at one of the Manchester train stations by one of his sisters who had gone to see if they could find out what had happened to Arthur.

My great aunt, Doris Bannister, wrote an article in the November 1998 issue of ‘The Parish Magazine of the Church of St Peter, Blackley’. I quote some of the article:
John and Ellen, my paternal grandparents, lived at Pear Tree Cottage, Old Road, Blackley. They had six children – three boys and three girls and my father was the eldest of the family. The children attended St Peter’s Day School, Sunday school and Church, and were apparently in those far off days, a well known and respected family. During the first World War the three brothers eventually went into the Army. My father into the RAMC, Harry into the Liverpool Scottish Regiment, and Arthur the youngest of the family, into a Middlesex Regiment. Sadly, of the three sons, only one came back home to Blackley – the eldest, Albert, who was to become my father. Harry and Arthur did not return. Arthur was a victim of the severe influenza that raged at the time, and died in a military hospital somewhere in England. His body was brought home and buried in St Peter’s churchyard. In February 1917 Harry went overseas to France and in heavy fighting was severely wounded on 6th July 1917 and died the following day. He was 27 years of age..............

You can see a photograph of a locket with pictures of Arthur and Harry here.  Thank you to Roger Bannister for allowing us to use the photograph.  The locket belonged to Roger's great grandmother.

Ellen Evans nee Tomlinson, wife of John Evans - my great great grandmother.

I have not yet completed research in relation to Ellen. However there is some information about Ellen above in her husband’s, John’s, information and I have found some information about Ellen and I have listed this below.
She was born about 1853 at 14 Stockdale Street, Ancoats, Manchester. Her father was John Tomlinson who was a Tallow Chandler and in later life a fitter and also born in Manchester. Her mother was Jane Tomlinson nee Bond.
The 1861 Census show the family lived at 41 Abbott St, Manchester and she had four sisters; Elizabeth, Sarah, Emma and Caroline.
She also had four brothers; William, James, John A. and Thomas B. By 1917 she was living at 18 Lawson Street Blackley. She died on 15th March 1939 aged 85.

Catherine Evans nee Johnson, wife of John Albert Evans (Alf) - my great grandmother.

The 1891 Census shows Catherine was born in Longton and by 1891 she is 8 years old. This would suggest that she was born around 1883. Her family were living at 112 Ashwood, Longton, Stoke on Trent. Her father Samuel is 40 and he is shown as a potters mould maker. His wife Fanny is 36. Both Samuel and Fanny were born in Hanley. Catherine has 2 sisters; Gertrude aged 14 and Ann M. aged 13, and one brother Samuel aged 11. All the children are all shown as born in Longton.
The 1901 Census shows the family are now living at 9, Frederick Street, Longton. Samuel is now 50 and still a potters mould maker. Gertrude has now left the family home but there is a fourth daughter. Her names reads as Avis A.L. aged 8 born in Longton. Further enquires may reveal her correct name. The other three children are still living with their parents and are all shown as being born in Longton. Samuel, who is now aged 20, is shown as working as a Commission Agent and Annie, 22, is shown as a potters guilder earth. Catherine is 18 and is also shown as a potters guilder earth.
It would appear that sometime between 1901 and 1907 the family moved to Manchester.
Catherine was married to John Albert Evans on 18th May 1907 at the Parish Church of St George, Gorton. They were both aged 24. Catherine’s father is listed as Samuel Johnson who is shown as a Potters – Mould Maker. On the certificate her address is shown as 331 Abbey Hey Lane and her occupation is shown as a packer. John Albert is also shown as living at 331 Abbey Hey Lane. His occupation is shown as Printer. His father is listed as John Evans who is listed as what looks like a Carrier although it is difficult to read on the certificate. The witnesses are Horace Walter Tonge and Florence Evans. The rector is listed as John R Yates. Florence is more than likely to be John’s sister and it could be that John and Catherine met through Florence although there is no evidence to back this up.
Catherine’s death certificate showed that she died on 7th February 1941 at 19 Wilson Road, Blackley. She was 57. She is shown as widow of John Albert Evans, a Letterpress Printer (Journeyman).