Genealogy, history and memories of Blackley, Manchester, UK

The Davey family history

With thanks to Brian and Terry Davey for supplying this information – if you have any further information about the Davey family, please contact us.

Harry Davey was born on May 18th 1906 at 14 Silver Street, Blackley, to Annie and William Davey. He attended St. Peter’s School in Blackley Village and started work aged 12 at Crumpsall Biscuit Works. Except for a period at the munitions factory in Ashton during the war, Harry worked at the Biscuit Works until his death in 1958 aged 52.

Harry met Theresa Williams at Reg Duffin's Temperance Bar, which was located in the row of shops on Rochdale Road next to Harpurhey swimming baths. Theresa and Harry were married at Mount Carmel Church, Blackley on 1st February 1941. They lived in Corwen Avenue before moving to Middleton in 1948.

Albert Davey was born in 1912.  He attended St. Peter's School in Blackley Village and went on to play football for Blackley Football Team.  Albert had brothers James (born 1900), Frank (born 1905), Harry (born 1906) and a sister Edith (born 1907).  Another brother, George (born 1902) died in a fire at home in 1903.  The family lived at 134 Blackley New Road and later moved to number 136.  The Davey children all went to Sunday School three times each Sunday, changing in to their Sunday best clothes for each visit and changing back each time they returned home. They were not allowed to play out on Sundays and were restricted to sitting on the outside steps on a mat on a fine Sunday.

Albert worked at Howarths wallpaper factory together with his father William, and brother James.  Despite completing his 7 year apprentice as a block cutter in 1937, Howarths were unable to guarantee him a full time job so Albert decided to emigrate to Canada where he found a job in a wallpaper factory there.  After also finding himself a flat, Albert returned to Blackley to marry his fiancée, Ellen Latham, at St. Peter's Church on 24 September 1938.  At the time of her marriage, Ellen was 21, working as a shop assistant and living with her family at 1 Hazel Terrace, Hill Lane, the family having moved there from number 3 next door.  Albert and Ellen emigrated to Canada a few days after the wedding and had a son, Brian (born 1941) and a daughter Barbara (born 1946).  The family returned to England in 1948.