Genealogy, history and memories of Blackley, Manchester, UK

The Davenport family history

The Davenport family history as told by Barrie Davenport

So far I have traced my history back to 1677 to a Samuel Davenport, who, at some point in his life came to Blackley, and was buried in Blackley in 1767 with his wife who died in 1764 . Samuel's son was William, baptised 1724 and buried in Blackley in 1804. William's son was also a William baptised in 1747 and buried at Blackley (date unknown). William's son was Edmund born 1771. Edmund fought in Ireland with the 22nd Light Dragons. Edmund believed that he had a claim to Bramhall Hall in Stockport and took the owner to court twice to try to prove his claim. He lost both cases and finished up in a debtors prison were he died in 1834. The line then carries to his son Joseph, John, Joseph, Author, and me Barrie. At some point after Edmund, the family moved to Middleton where I still live. I believe at some point Samuel was the sexton at St Peter's church and was once locked out of the church over something he was accused of. He was later cleared of this offence.

Some of the above material was obtained from:  The Woodhouses Letters: what they revealed and where they led: studies of nineteenth century English justice, Eveline Barbara Dean (Bolton, 1986)