Genealogy, history and memories of Blackley, Manchester, UK

The Birds family history

with thanks to Steve Birds for supplying this information – if you have any further information about the Birds family, please contact us.

My Great Great Grandfather Charles Birds (born 1845 Youlegreave) and his wife Harriet (born 1851 Matlock) moved with their family to the North Manchester area in the 1890’s and were recorded as living at 101 Moston Lane. With them were Albert 27, Annie M. 20, Joseph 13, George 9 and Walter 6.

Three of the children are not listed on the census, Clara 23 (a domestic nurse living in Withington), Charles Leonard 16 (possibly in the 6th Manchester Militia as he records on his joining papers for 1st WW enlistment), John 12 (unknown).

By 1911 the family had moved into Blackley Village with Charles (died 22/3/1913), Harriet (died 1925), Clara, Joseph, George and Walter living at the Blackley Mill House, Annie had since married and moved out towards Stockport. The location of this Mill House I have not yet ascertained as there were 4 or 5 mills in the village either just prior to or at this time.

Walter died in 1917 in the 1st World War at the age of 23 and is buried at Arras in France. Clara died in the 1970’s and lived on Cockcroft Street until she died.

Albert Birds with his wife Elizabeth lived at 1 Timber Yard, School Lane, Blackley Village. They appear to have never had children and died within days of one another in 1937 and are buried at St. Peter’s churchyard.

Charles Leonard with his wife Annie (nee Edwards) lived at 28 Stanley Street, Moston with their children Ernest 7, Albert 4, Charles Leonard 2 and Frederick 1. They moved from here to 30 Chapel Lane, Blackley Village before 1914. From here he enlisted in the Manchester Regiment before being invalided out in 1917 suffering from gas attack.

Charles Leonard was my Great Grandfather and moved to Ada Street, Blackley in the 1930’s, the photograph shows Charles Leonard, my Grandfather Ernest, my father Ernest and me taken in 1959. Charles Leonard died in 1963.

Ernest Birds my Grandfather went to St Peter’s school and there are 2 photographs from around that time. On the Scouts photograph Ernest is possibly kneeling right hand side and he is also on the school photograph possibly second from right on the second row from the front. He worked initially for Levinstein chemical works in the village from being a boy. I believe he had a short spell working in a cotton mill where he met my Grandmother in the mid 1920’s but retired from ICI (as Levinstein’s became) as foreman electrician in 1968. My Grandmother, Alice Bradley, was originally from Bury but moved to Middleton whilst still a child and after marriage (at St. Peter’s I believe) they lived on Russell (now Russett) Road, Moston Lane and then Ada Street, Blackley where my Aunt still lives.

Alf Bradley (Great Grandfather Bradley) moved from Middleton with his youngest son Alf in the 1940’s after the death of his wife and lived on Russell Road.

My Father, Ernest, was born in 1930 (christened at St. Peter’s?) and lived his entire life within a radius of about 2 miles of Blackley Village with the exception of his 2 years national service. Brought up in and around Ada Street/Moston Lane, he moved to Ringley Street, Harpurhey when he first married, and then to Victoria Avenue in the 1970’s where he still lives at the age of 81.