Genealogy, history and memories of Blackley, Manchester, UK

Names and details from gravestones at St. Peter's Church, Blackley

Below is an alphabetical list of some of the many names and details on gravestones in the upper churchyard at St. Peter's Church, Blackley. Some of the entries also have photographs available. The vast number of gravestones in the upper churchyard mean that the job of recording is a very large one and therefore the list is not complete.

Where the plot number is shown as 0, the actual plot number could not be confirmed due to a lack of marking(s) on the stone or those nearby.  To help to locate the grave in the churchyard, please see the churchyard plot plan here.

If you have any further details about any of the entries or any of the other gravestones at St. Peter's, or if you are looking for information about a gravestone, please complete the contact form using Google forms here.

SurnameChristian nameDate of death Age of deathAreaPlot number NotesPhoto
surname unknown04 June 192873K0Husband of Emily. Active worker in St. Peter's church and schools. Face down so cannot read namesno image yet
surname unknownAnnie22 October 1932K0Daughter of? Cross face down so cannot read surname or other detailsno image yet
surname unknownEmily03 November 193683K0Wife of ? Headmistress of St. Peter's Infant Day School. Face down so cannot read surnameno image yet
surname unknownHelena08 March 193777K0wife of ?no image yet
surname unknownJoseph Arthur12 March 194067K0Husband of ? Cross face down so cannot read surname or other detailsno image yet
surname unknownRandolph Victor01 January 194155K0husband of ?no image yet
ADAMSONConstance Howard08 January 190160daughter of John William and Anna Adamson. "Jesus calls me his little lamb"photo
ADAMSONJohn William07 August 1925720father of Ronald Parkinson Adamson and Constance Howard Parkinson. "There is no death, what seems so is transition"photo
ADAMSONRonald Parkinson20 June 19000son of John William and Anna Adamson. "He speaks in glory"photo
ADKIN30 December 1899C0ADKIN is written near to the bottom of the gravestone which shows the names of the family image yet
AGNEWEdward25 August 191822M0son of John James and Susan Agnew, stone marked "killed in France", cannot trace on cwgc siteno image yet
AGNEWJohn James15 December 196966M0husband of Susanno image yet
AGNEWRobert17 February 191825M0son of John James and Susan Agnew, stone marked "killed in France", cannot trace on cwgc siteno image yet
ALLENFrederick Richard10 January 195869K0eldest son of Frederick Stephen Peskett & Mary Hounsome Allen. Cremated at Honor Oak, Londonno image yet
ALLENFrederick Stephen Peskett01 October 192864K0husband of Mary Allenno image yet
ALLENMary Hounsome01 June 194681K0wife of Frederick Stephen Peskett Allenno image yet
ALLENRobert Hounsome02 July 191626K0son of Frederick Stephen Peskett & Mary Hounsome Allen. 18th Manchester Regiment. Killed in the Battle of the Somme and rests in Dive Copse Cemetry, Sailly-le-Sec. more informationno image yet
ANDERSON30 December 1899L23no image yet
ARNOLDMay19 January 195542M0wife of William Charles Arthur Arnold, son of William Richard Arnoldno image yet
ARNOLDWilliam Richard01 May 194358M0husband of May Arnoldno image yet
ASHBROOKAmelia18 January 1934690wife of Joseph Henry Ashbrookphoto
ASHBROOKJoseph Henry18 December 1934720husband of Amelia Ashbrookphoto
ASHBROOKWilfred10 December 1917210son of Joseph & Amelia Ashbrook. 86th Machine Gun Company. Died of wounds in France. "thy will be done". more informationphoto
ASHWORTHElizabeth13 May 190561C0second wife of Henry Ashworthno image yet
ASHWORTHElsie11 March 19028 weeksC0infant daughter of Giles and Frances Ashworthno image yet
ASHWORTHFlorence21 March 194064C0wife of Giles Ashworthno image yet
ASHWORTHGiles21 January 194266C0husband of Florence Ashworthno image yet
ASHWORTHHenry09 April 190171C0husband of Leah and Elizabeth Ashworthno image yet
ASHWORTHLeah19 May 188962C0wife of Henry Ashworthno image yet
BAINMargaret02 February 1934850wife of Robert Bainphoto
BAINRobert01 March 1915670husband of Margaret Bainphoto
BAINRobert01 April 1918360son of Robert and Margaret Bainphoto
BAINThomas Ashworth31 December 188930son of Robert and Margaret Bainphoto
BANNISTERAmy24 May 191710 monthsM58daughter of Samuel & Clara Bannisterno image yet
BANNISTERClara23 December 194161M58wife of Samuel Bannisterno image yet
BANNISTERSamuel03 January 195268M58husband of Clara Bannisterno image yet
BARKEREdith16 October 194470O6wife of Leonard Barkerno image yet
BARKERLeonard01 December 195980O6husband of Edith Barkerno image yet
BARLOWAgnes24 May 194989K0wife of William Barlowno image yet
BARLOWWilliam15 March 192874K0husband of Agnes Barlowno image yet
BARRETTClara27 December 195183M66wife of Joshua Barrettno image yet
BARRETTJoshua19 November 193667M66husband of Clara Barrettno image yet
BATKINDonald23 August 19407C0son of Edwin and Emmie Batkinno image yet
BAYLISSFrancis William17 February 191161A0husband of Mary Hannah. Stone image yet
BEATTIEDavid23 March 194228L44Cpl. 5th Dragoon Gds. Son of David and Jennie Beattie. "Who was accidently killed". "Sadly missed". more informationphoto
BEATTIEJennie01 January 195667L44wife of David Beattie, mother of Cpl. David Beattie and Sidney Beattie. "At rest".photo
BEATTIESidney28 February 195431L44husband of Irene, brother of Cpl. David Beattiephoto
BEETSONArthur03 May 191617OL0son of Walter and Sarah Alice Beetson. "who lost his life on HMS Black Prince in the Jutland Battle". "His duty nobly Done". more informationphoto
BEETSONSarah Alice15 July 194481OL0wife of Walter Beetson. "A devoted mother and dear wife of the above". "In heavenly love abiding". See reference to (Grandma) Sarah Alice here: more informationphoto
BEETSONWalter22 October 191453OL0husband of Sarah Alice Beetsonphoto
BENTLEYMary Elisabeth30 December 189939C0wife of Frederick Omerod Bentleyno image yet
BENTONMary Ann13 October 194562O10wife of Thomas A W Bentonno image yet
BENTONThomas A William17 May 195373O10husband of Mary Ann Bentonno image yet
BIRCHENALLFrederick15 May 196083O3husband of Leahno image yet
BIRCHENALLLeah30 May 194467O3wife of Frederick Birchenallno image yet
BIRDSAlbert24 January 193763M0husband of Elizabeth Birdsno image yet
BIRDSElizabeth27 January 193763M0wife of Albert Birdsno image yet
BOOTHHarold30 March 194644M0son of Joseph & Margaretno image yet
BOOTHHarry29 July 194133M0son of Joseph & Margaret Boothno image yet
BOOTHJoseph06 June 191547M0husband of Margaret Boothno image yet
BOOTHMargaret02 April 194778M0wife of Joseph Boothno image yet
BOOTHMargaret14 September 194337M0daughter of Joseph & Margaretno image yet
BOOTHJohn Edward25 November 194571M59husband of Lucy Boothno image yet
BOOTHLucy30 May 194265M59wife of John Edward Boothno image yet
BOWENEllen14 March 190057C0sister of Emily Rodgersno image yet
BRADSHAWSusannah (Susie)06 July 192644A0wife of Herbert Bradshaw of Hill Lane, Blackley, daughter of Adam & Susannah Claytonno image yet
BRADSHAWEva18 January 18929 daysC0daughter of Samuel and Jane Bradshaw. DOB 09/01/1892no image yet
BRADSHAWFrederick Lambert17 May 194656C0son of Samuel and Jane Bradshawno image yet
BRADSHAWJane19 July 193878C0wife of Samuel Bradshawno image yet
BRADSHAWSamuel07 January 192775C0husband of Jane Bradshawno image yet
BRADSHAWSamuel20 November 18893C0son of Samuel and Jane Bradshaw. DOB 23/07/1886no image yet
BRIDGEMANDad & Baby June30 December 1899M0no image yet
BRIGGSAlice05 May 192375K0Briggs memorial. Born 08/04/1848no image yet
BRIGGSCharles Arthur09 January 192250K0Briggs memorial. Born 09/12/1871. Second son of William Briggsno image yet
BRIGGSFrank Reginald22 May 195885K0Briggs memorial. Born 01/04/1873. Son of William and Alice Briggsno image yet
BRIGGSJessie May20 November 195989K0Briggs memorial. Born 20/05/1870no image yet
BRIGGSMary30 December 1899K0Briggs memorial. Wife of Frank Reginald Briggsno image yet
BRIGGSWilliam06 May 194574K0Briggs memorial. Born 26/05/1870. Eldest son of William Briggs. First member of parliament for the Blackley Divisionno image yet
BRIGGSWilliam19 January 192276K0Briggs memorial. Born at Blackley 23 April 1845no image yet
BROWNFather & Mother30 December 1899M0no image yet
BURKEThomas J27 March 194865C0no image yet
BURTONCharles25 April 194242L20husband of Edna May Deaville, son-in-law of Cuthbert and Anna Parkerno image yet
BUTLERJane Ann24 December 194468M0mother-in-law of Albert Roweno image yet
BUTTERWORTHAda16 April 192435C0daughter of Arthur and Hannah Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHArthur11 April 189018 monthsC0son of Charles Henry & Martha Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHArthur02 June 192772C0husband of Hannah Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHCelia26 October 19078 weeksC0daughter of Percy & Celia Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHCharles01 July 191820C0son of Charles Henry & Martha Butterworth. killed in action in France. more informationno image yet
BUTTERWORTHCharles Henry13 November 191355C0husband of Martha Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHCharlotte28 June 189041C0photo
BUTTERWORTHFlorrie21 May 18896 years, 8 monthsC0daughter of Arthur and Hannah Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHFrank20 July 1916258C0son of Charles Henry & Martha Butterworth. killed in action in France. more informationno image yet
BUTTERWORTHHannah01 April 193376C0wife of Arthur Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHJohn03 April 189281C0husband of Sarah Butterworthphoto
BUTTERWORTHJohn29 July 189239C0photo
BUTTERWORTHLilian20 November 189416C0eldest daughter of Arthur and Hannah Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHMartha21 September 191961C0wife of Charles Henry Butterworthno image yet
BUTTERWORTHSarah03 May 189175C0wife of John Butterworthphoto
BUTTERWORTHWalter09 November 191621C0son of Charles Henry & Martha Butterworth. killed in action in France. more informationno image yet
CAHILLJosephine25 October 195742M7mother of Vera and Jackno image yet
CAVANAGHAnnie22 September 1952530surname might not be correctphoto
CAWLEYElizabeth18 November 193474M0mother of Harry Cawleyno image yet
CAWLEYHarry01 July 191624M0stone marked "killed in France". Husband of Ada, son of Elizabeth. more informationno image yet
CHAMBERLAINAlfred27 April 193465C0no image yet
CHAMBERLAINMary Elizabeth12 April 194070C0no image yet
CHAMBERLAINRoland25 March 191821C0son of Alfred and Mary E (nee Howard) Chamberlain. Reported missing while serving with the Manchester Regiment in France 03/1918. more informationno image yet
CHARNLEYHilda Annie27 June 193767K0Wife of Robert Charnleyno image yet
CHARNLEYRobert01 April 192760K0Husband of Hilda Annie Charnleyno image yet
CHATTERSClarissa Maud02 May 195588M0wife of John Chattersno image yet
CHATTERSJohn28 July 193670M0husband of Clarissa Maud Chattersno image yet
CLAYTONAdam01 January 191166A0husband of Susannahno image yet
CLAYTONSusannah15 June 192075A0husband of Adamno image yet
CLOUGHRichard14 August 193954M0husband of Evelyn, son-in-law of Robert & Maryno image yet
COLLINGEElizabeth09 August 190780C0wife of James Collingeno image yet
COLLINGEJames28 December 189672C0husband of Elizabethno image yet
COLLINGELewis08 May 194253M27husband of Martha Gno image yet
CONNORFred13 June 1940M54son of James & Rachel Connorno image yet
CONNORJames13 July 194056M54husband of Rachelno image yet
CONSTERDINEDora12 October 18897 monthsC0infant daughter of George Henry and Mary Jane Consterdine. DOB: 15/03/1889no image yet
CONSTERDINEFrank19 March 18931C0son of George Henry and Mary Jane Consterdine. DOB: 02/01/1892no image yet
CONSTERDINEGeorge Henry16 October 193173C0husband of Mary Jane Consterdineno image yet
CONSTERDINEHarold22 February 19036C0son of George Henry and Mary Jane Consterdine. DOB: 22/04/1896no image yet
CONSTERDINEMary Jane13 March 193071C0wife of George Henry Consterdineno image yet
COOPEAlfred06 December 196049M0son of FW & M Coope, husband of Elsieno image yet
COOPEFrederick William16 September 193956M0husband of Mary Coopeno image yet
COOPEMary01 July 193654M0wife of Frederick William Coopeno image yet
COOPERHarry31 January 191242C0husband of Mary A Cooper. "Father in thy gracious keeping leave we now our loved one sleeping". Also see photo 521 Warburton for gravestone in
COULSTONJohn14 January 193776M65husband of Margaret Ellen Coulstonno image yet
COULSTONMargaret Ellen02 November 193670M65wife of John Coulstonno image yet
CRANSHAWNellie17 March 197574M8wife of William Cranshawno image yet
CRANSHAWWilliam A12 November 195055M8husband of Nellie Cranshawno image yet
CROSSLEYAlice16 June 193436M0wife of Joseph Crossleyno image yet
CROSSLEYJoseph19 March 196973M0husband of Alice Crossleyno image yet
CROWEGeorge Sidney02 October 194128L37husband of Evelyn Crowe. "Who died on active service". "Love's last gift, rememb...". more informationphoto
CUFFWRIGHTThomas29 October 193142OL0husband of Alice (Cissie) Cuffwright. "faithful unto death" "to live in the hearts of those we love is not to die". See reference to the family here: more informationphoto
DALTONAgnes04 September 1917570wife of John J Dalton. "gone but not forgotten"photo
DALTONJohn J18 January 1950710husband of Bertha Dalton. "life's work well done"photo
DARLEYCharles30 November 194779P3Father of George Robert Darleyphoto
DARLEYGeorge Robert26 November 194133P31761573 Gunner. 10th Heavy A.A. REGT. Royal Artillery. "His father Charles, age 79 died 30/11/1947 at rest". more informationphoto
DAVIESJessie30 December 189960C130wife of Charles Davies. Cannot read date of death on photo. Also see photo 504
DAVIESJoseph25 March 195372M9husband of Sarah Daviesno image yet
DAVIESSarah06 September 195675M9wife of Joseph Daviesno image yet
DAVIESAnn08 November 193870M51wife of John Daviesno image yet
DAVIESJohn29 March 194481M51husband of Ann Daviesno image yet
DAVIESMargaret Ann29 May 193770M68wife of William Daviesno image yet
DAVIESWilliam16 January 194163M68husband of Margaret Annno image yet
DAVIES FITTONMary15 July 194282M0wife of Robert Davies Fittonno image yet
DAVIES FITTONRobert08 June 193573M0husband of Mary Davies Fittonno image yet
DAWSONAlice03 March 188957C0wife of John Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONEthel30 August 188910 monthsC0daughter of William and Susannah Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONHilda20 April 18958 monthsC0daughter of William and Susannah Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONJohn21 April 191970C0husband of Alice Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONMaria01 April 189180C0"BELICT" of James Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONSusannah04 February 191756C0wife of William Dawson, mother of Ethel, William Edward and Hilda Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONWilliam Edward24 January 18952C0son of William and Susannah Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONWilliam H N19 June 1929C0husband of Susannah Dawsonno image yet
DAWSONWilliiam14 October 190050C0son of John and Alice Dawsonno image yet
DEARDENJonathan21 August 193471M0husband of Sarah Ann Deardenno image yet
DEARDENSarah Ann07 January 194078M0wife of Jonathan Deardenno image yet
DOWNINGAmelia13 May 195479O8wife of Robert Downingno image yet
DOWNINGRobert29 November 1944O8no image yet
DRINKWATERThomas14 April 195053M7husband of Gladysno image yet
EASTWOODAlfred11 March 190754C0husband of Elizabeth Alice Eastwoodno image yet
EASTWOODAlfred17 January 18907C0son of Alfred and Elizabeth Alice Eastwoodno image yet
EASTWOODElizabeth Alice13 January 193480C0wife of Alfred Eastwoodno image yet
EASTWOODWilliam James31 October 190326C0son of Alfred and Elizabeth Alice Eastwoodno image yet
EDWARDSJohn Francis18 June 193546M0husband of Jane Alicno image yet
ENTWISTLEFred05 February 18883C0son of Lucy Ann Entwistleno image yet
ENTWISTLELucy Ann01 January 188823C0daughter of James and Elizabeth Collingeno image yet
ENTWISTLENorman05 February 192670K0son of Albert & Beatrice Entwistleno image yet
EVANSArthur27 November 191822A41Pte. Died at Thetford Military Hospital. more informationphoto
EVANSCatherine07 February 194157A41wife of John Albert (Alf) Evansphoto
EVANSEllen15 March 193985A41wife of John Evans, mother of Harry Evansphoto
EVANSHarry07 July 191727A41Husband of Jessie Evans, son of John & Ellen Evans. Died of wounds received in France. see photo for extra inscription. more informationphoto
EVANSJohn28 December 191357A41husband of Ellen Evans, father of Harry Evansphoto
EVANSJohn Albert (Alf)28 December 193856A41husband of Catherine Evansphoto
EVENSONArthur31 October 191827I9gravestone is face down. more informationphoto
FERRIEREdith16 September 188818 monthsC0daughter of William and Sarah Alice Ferrierno image yet
FERRIERSarah Alice02 April 194076C0wife of William Ferrierno image yet
FERRIERSusannah02 May 189364C0no image yet
FERRIERWilliam26 January 193571C0husband of Sarah Alice Ferrierno image yet
FERRIERWilliam Herbert13 July 191611 daysC0son of Herbert & Annie Ferrierno image yet
FIELDINGJohn25 December 196873K0Husband of Nell Fieldingno image yet
FIELDINGNell04 December 193340K0Wife of John Fieldingno image yet
FINCHElizabeth16 October 191639C0wife of W D Finchno image yet
FINCHFrank27 October 191510C0son of William Dalton and Elizabeth Finch, grandson of Hannah Jacksonno image yet
FORDAda18 September 192355OL0wife of Walter Ford, mother of Arthur & Alfred Ford. "God will clasp our broken chain closer when we meet again"photo
FORDAlfred05 January 191822OL0brother of Arthur Ford. "who was killed in action in France". See photograph for further memorial. more informationphoto
FORDArthur28 August 191616OL0son of Walter and Ada Ford. "suffering vanquished, labour ended, xxrdan passed." "thy will be done".photo
FORRESTHannah13 January 194270L22wife of Thomas Forrestno image yet
FORRESTThomas14 July 195382L22husband of Hannah Forrestno image yet
FORSHAWJohn James04 October 194470O7husband of Mary Elizabeth Forshawno image yet
FORSHAWMary Elizabeth05 March 1957O7wife of John James Forshawno image yet
FOULKESG B18 April 191923H27201284 Private. South Lancashire Regt. more informationphoto
FRANCEEdward20 April 1916680husband of Mary Jane Francephoto
FRANCEMary Jane15 June 1946810wife of Edward France, "rest in peace"photo
GEORGEAnn10 August 190346C0wife of Edward Georgeno image yet
GEORGEEdward12 December 191557C0husband of Ann Georgeno image yet
GEORGEElizabeth27 July 190520C0no image yet
GEORGEFrances01 May 190122C0no image yet
GEORGEJessie15 December 18899C0daughter of Edward and Ann Georgeno image yet
GIBBSEdwin21 April 193570PEEL11husband of Margaret Ellen Gibbs. Passed away on Easter Sunday. "To live in the hearts of those we have left is never to die"photo
GIBBSLucy30 October 194144Peel11"The only beloved daughter" of Edwin & Margaret Ellen Gibbsphoto
GIBBSMargaret Ellen28 December 194577Peel11wife of Edwin Gibbs. "Reunited"photo
GIBBSMargaret Winifred (Mar..)15 June 1953PEEL11eldest daughter of Alfred and Doris Gibbsphoto
GIBBSWalter19 September 194349PEEL11husband of Florence S. Gibbs, of Southport, son of Edwin and Margaret Ellen Gibbs. "at rest". more informationphoto
GIBSONPatricia Fay11 November 192517 monthsK0Daughter of William North and Doris Gibsonno image yet
GREAVESMary12 October 195329L22wife of Walter Greaves, granddaughter of Thomas and Hannah Forrestno image yet
GREENHALGHCpl T W28 January 194426C0Grenadier Guards. Killed Anzio, Italy, 1944. more informationno image yet
GREENHALGHElizabeth01 August 190762C0wife of William Greenhalghno image yet
GREENHALGHJ E30 December 1899C0DOB: 1871, DOD: 1935no image yet
GREENHALGHJohn13 December 195283C0husband of Maria Greenhalghno image yet
GREENHALGHMaria12 October 195983C0wife of John Greenhalghno image yet
GREENHALGHWilliam23 May 188948C0husband of Elizabeth Greenhalghno image yet
GRIFFITHSEustace21 April 18932C0son of Frank and Mary Griffithsno image yet
GRIFFITHSFrank Vernon12 August 18905 monthsC0son of Frank and Mary Griffithsno image yet
GRIMSHAWDennis26 April 189338C0father of Dennis Arnold and Nellie Grimshawno image yet
GRIMSHAWDennis Arnold19 December 18894C0son of Dennis and Nancy Jane Grimshawno image yet
GRIMSHAWJohn Frederick20 July 191937C0husband of Margaret Anne Grimshaw and son of Dennis. Interned at Brookside Cemetry, Winipeg, Canadano image yet
GRIMSHAWNancy Jane29 October 193176C0wife of Dennis Grimshawno image yet
GRIMSHAWNellie09 September 1883C0daughter of Dennis and Nancy Jane Grimshawno image yet
HALDANEConstance Charlotte26 January 196959O22daughter of Margaret Haldaneno image yet
HALDANEMargaret24 August 194869O22wife of the late John W Haldaneno image yet
HALLAnn08 June 189464C0wife of Samuel Hallno image yet
HALLSamuel13 March 189065C0husband of Ann Hallno image yet
HALLHerbert11 November 1949L37husband of Annie Hall. Brother-in-law of George Sidney Crowe. "May God give you eternal rest"photo
HALLJohn William08 October 194182M0husband of Nancy Elizabeth Hallno image yet
HALLNancy Elizabeth19 September 193574M0husband of John William Hallno image yet
HAYTONHarry Edmund04 July 193744C240husband of Aimee Haytonphoto
HAYTONJames08 May 192672C240husband of Laura Haytonphoto
HAYTONLaura21 October 191261C240photo
HAYTONRose25 May 193041C240daugher of James & Laura Hayton. There is also a separate engraved stone on top of the grave saying "In memory of Rose Hayton. A tribute from the employees of the Spinning Department of the CWS tobacco factory"photo
HEAPAdeline08 May 192054C0daughter of Nancy and Francis Silkstoneno image yet
HELSBYBetsy Ellen19 February 195081M0wife ofJames Helsbyno image yet
HELSBYJames15 December 193466M0husband of Betsy Ellen Helsbyno image yet
HELSBYjoseph18 December 194656OL0husband of Annie Helsby. (cremated at Blackpool). "too dearly loved to be forgotten"photo
HIGHAMElizabeth07 July 194966I34wife of Samuel Pennington Higham. "God bless you mother dear"photo
HIGHAMSamuel Pennington10 April 191930I34Husband of Elizabeth Higham. "Just when things were brightest". more informationphoto
HILLWilfred29 April 194747K0son-in-law of Frederick Stephen Peskett & Mary Hounsome Allen. Cremated at image yet
HINDEAda02 February 193650M0wife of Joseph Hindeno image yet
HODSONAlice20 February 193754M0wife of William Henry Hodsonno image yet
HOLDERGeorge Joseph09 June 194629JX865341783 Private. The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. Duty Nobly Done. more informationphoto
HOLLANDNellie07 April 19055 monthsC0daughter of William and Susannah Hollandno image yet
HOLLANDsusannah04 May 194073C0wife of William Hollandno image yet
HOLLANDWilliam11 June 191649C0husband of Susannah Hollandno image yet
HOLTEdward25 March 193668M0husband of the late Mayno image yet
HOPEAlice30 December 1899M0no image yet
HOPEMargaret03 December 194273M0wife of Robertno image yet
HOPERobert01 August 1942M0son of Robert & Margaretno image yet
HOPKINSFlorence20 June 193754M70wife of Hubert James Hopkinsno image yet
HOPKINSHubert James27 May 196182M70husband of Florence Hopkinsno image yet
HOWARDAaron11 May 1890650of The Limes, Cheetham, formerly of this parish. Born May 10 1825. Husband of Jane
HOWARDCharlie30 December 189920son of Thomas Howard. Aged 2 years and one monthphoto
HOWARDJane18 August 1861350wife of Aaron Howardphoto
HOWARDMargaret20 December 1940840"A devoted mother at rest"photo
HOWARDThomas02 November 1893370"deeply regretted"photo
HOWARDAlice15 June 189565C0wife of Thomas Howard. DOB: 10/12/ image yet
HOWARDAlice21 March 190783C0no image yet
HOWARDAlice Horrocks26 April 189051C0DOB: 5/12/1839no image yet
HOWARDBetsy03 May 190559C0wife of James Howardno image yet
HOWARDDavid20 May 193875C0husband of Margaret Ada Howardno image yet
HOWARDJames02 August 188849C0husband of Betsy. "Of Polefield, Blackley"no image yet
HOWARDMargaret Ada23 March 191845C0wife of David Howardno image yet
HOWARDThomas18 May 189566C0husband of Alice Howard. DOB 12/03/ image yet
HUMBLEFrederick09 August 196172O11husband of Mildred Frances Humbleno image yet
HUMBLEMildred Frances26 July 194649O11wife of Frederick Humbleno image yet
HUNTAnn Elizabeth (Bessie)22 January 192735C0"a true pal"photo
HUNTAnnie Rosetta10 March 194229M0wife of Ernestno image yet
HUNTERnancy16 August 1910A0no image yet
IRONSJames05 January 188965C0no image yet
IRONSJane25 July 189752C0wife of Joseph Henry Ironsno image yet
IRONSJoseph Henry24 July 191565C0husband of Jane Ironsno image yet
IRWINMary07 October 193661M62wife of Thomas Edwin Irwinno image yet
IRWINThomas Edwin26 November 195279M62husband of Mary Irwinno image yet
JACKSONAnne07 July 1936810wife of Edward Jackson. "in safe keeping"photo
JACKSONEdward23 February 1917570husband of Anne Jacksonphoto
JACKSONGeorge24 September 191175A0husband of Jane Jacksonno image yet
JACKSONJane24 November 192489A0wife of George Jacksonno image yet
JACKSONHannah05 May 191574C0no image yet
JACKSONLuther05 March 193263K0Husband of Emma Jackson. Grandfather of Patricia Fay Gibsonno image yet
JACQUESAlice05 December 1925710wife of Joseph Jacques (senr)photo
JACQUESBeatrice Victoria11 June 1914280wife of Joseph Jacquesphoto
JACQUESJoseph, (senr)23 November 1933760husband of Alice Jacquesphoto
JOHNSONFred19 January 190220C130son of William and Mary Alice Johnson. Year of death might not be correct. Also see photo 508 Daviesphoto
JOHNSONMary Alice02 June 189751C130wife of William Johnson. Date of death might not be correct. Also see photo 508 Daviesphoto
JOHNSONRachel10 December 192539C130wife of Ben Johnson. Date and year of death might be incorrect. Also see photo 508 Daviesphoto
JOHNSONWilliam19 April 191773C130husband of Mary Alice Johnson and father of Fred Johnson. Year and age of death might not be correct. Also see photo 508 Daviesphoto
JOHNSONCyril Shore31 January 191824H141447 Private. Manchester Regiment. more informationphoto
JONESDavid27 August 196695M0husband of Jane Elizabeth Jonesno image yet
JONESJane Elizabeth28 July 193360M0wife of David Jonesno image yet
KAYAda31 December 192168J0photo
KAYHenry05 July 192978J0"underneath are the everlasting arms"photo
KAYJohn D14 July 192982J0photo
KAYJohn06 January 194467O1husband of Martha Kayno image yet
KAYMartha22 January 194465O1wife of John Kayno image yet
LAMBERTJohn Richard21 January 193567K0Husband of Sarah Lambertno image yet
LAMBERTSarah02 April 193672K0Wife of John Richard Lambertno image yet
LANCASHIREJames Edward24 September 192161C0husband of Sarah Jane Lancashireno image yet
LANCASHIREWilliam19 January 18904 monthsC0son of James Edward & Sarah Jane Lancashireno image yet
LATHAMElsie24 April 195265M0wife of George Lathamno image yet
LATHAMGeorge15 January 195175M0husband of Elsie Lathamno image yet
LAWTON?Sidney25 May 194359A0son-in-law of Willian & Jane Elizabeth Moulton, husband of Lisle Taylor Lawtonno image yet
LEESAlbert Edward17 January 192825H21the dearly loved son of Charles Edward and Mary Lees. Father in thy gracious keeping leave we now our loved one sleepingno image yet
LEESCharles Edward05 December 194367H21dear husband of Mary Leesno image yet
LEESFrederick01 September 195151H21dearly loved son of Charles Edward and Mary Lees (inscription on side of stone)no image yet
LEESMary31 January 194268H21the dearly loved wife of Charles Edward Lees. God gave her eternal restno image yet
LILLIERobert11 June 194251L24husband of May Victoria Lillieno image yet
LILLIERobert Edward29 June 19434.5 monthsL24son of Robert E and May Lillieno image yet
LINGUARDBertha01 April 189017C0daughter of Henry and Hannah Linguardno image yet
LITTLERJames Edward11 February 193262K0"For 11 years councillor of this city"no image yet
LODGEEthel25 January 192219OL0daughter of William Robert & Sophia Lodgephoto
LODGESophia15 February 193769OL0wife of William Robert Lodge. "life's work well done"photo
LODGEWilliam Robert07 June 191455OL0husband of Sophia Lodgephoto
LOFTUSAmy13 January 193655C0daughter of Robert Loftusno image yet
LOFTUSEsther05 October 193276C0wife of Robert Loftusno image yet
LOFTUSEthel16 June 194961C0wife if Harry Vincent Loftusno image yet
LOFTUSLeonard08 June 192131C0son of Robert and Esther Loftus, DOB 09/11/1889no image yet
LOFTUSRobert18 September 193679C0husband of Esther Loftusno image yet
LOWAndrew03 February 193175K0husband of Rachel Lowno image yet
LOWRachel08 March 192670K0wife of Andrew Lowno image yet
LYNCHMary Lizzie21 August 193450M0wife of William Lynchno image yet
LYNCHWilliam05 March 196177M0husband of Mary Lizzie Lynchno image yet
MADDERSCharles Thomas27 April 195481M72husband of Georgina Maddersno image yet
MADDERSGeorgina13 November 193765M72wife of Charles Thomas Maddersno image yet
MAJOREmily04 September 192660K0wife of William Majorno image yet
MAJORJohn J (Jack)05 February 1956K0son of William & Emily Major, son of Elsie C Major. Cremated at Stockportno image yet
MAJORWalter10 December 196257K0son of William & Emily Major, husband of Aliceno image yet
MAJORWilliam24 January 193972K0husband of Emily Majorno image yet
MARLANDEthel23 March 191418C0daughter of Robert and Mary Marlandno image yet
MARLANDEthel02 December 18941C0no image yet
MARLANDFred30 December 18993 daysC0son of Mary Jane Marlandno image yet
MARLANDHarriett13 June 193854C0wife of Robert Marlandno image yet
MARLANDLily24 November 1932C0daughter of Robert and Harriett Marland, grandaughter of Robert and Mary Marlandno image yet
MARLANDMary17 July 192871C0wife of Robert Marlandno image yet
MARLANDMary Jane05 May 188932C0wife of William Hno image yet
MARLANDRobert01 April 191964C0husband of Mary Marlandno image yet
MASONEmma25 June 194969M0wife of John R Masonno image yet
MASONJohn Rayner11 August 193659M0husband of Emma Masonno image yet
MASSEYMarice Ann30 December 1899M0daughter of Norman & Margaretno image yet
MAYClarence21 August 191824I2437933 Private. Lancashire Fusiliers. Absence is an unspeakable sorrow. more informationphoto
MAYTUM30 December 1899K0Stone is face down so cannot read inscription, however the back is inscribed with "MAYTUM"no image yet
MCKNIGHTEliza23 May 189169C0grandmother of John Willian McKnight and mother of Ernest McKnightno image yet
MCKNIGHTErnest14 January 192868C0son of Eliza McKnightno image yet
MCKNIGHTJohn William28 April 19036C0grandson of Eliza McKnightno image yet
MEELottie Grace29 January 191729OL0wife of George Edwin Meephoto
METCALFColin27 August 194331A0Squadron Leader RAF VR. Killed on Active Service Allahabad. more informationno image yet
METCALFFrederick Thomas29 July 194974A0no image yet
METCALFJames Wedderburn Walker11 September 191016 monthsA0son of Frederick T & Jessie D Metcalfno image yet
MIDGELOWErnest30 December 1931520"thy willl be done"photo
MIDGELOWStella Wells20 November 1912360"faithful". DOB might not be correct - difficult to make out on gravestonephoto
MILLERFrances Edith10 January 197762O10daughter of Thomas A William and Mary Ann Benton, wife of John Millerno image yet
MILLERJohn07 May 198874O10husband of Frances Edith Miller. Crematedno image yet
MORLEYAlice Mary08 November 193569M0wife of Thomas Morleyno image yet
MOULTONJane Elizabeth05 August 191148A0wife of William Moultonno image yet
MOULTONWilliam05 February 192669A0husband of Jane Elizabeth Moultonno image yet
MUDDAmy21 September 194163M18wife of John Georgeno image yet
MUDDCharles01 January 195854M18husband of Alice May, son of William Mudd. Date of death is year only - date is image yet
MUDDWilliam13 November 195346M18husband of Hildano image yet
MURRAYBeatrice30 April 196066K0Wife of James Murrayno image yet
MURRAYJames30 October 195768K0Husband of Beatrice Murrayno image yet
NOLANGrace Maud18 September 19831020wife of the late Thomas Nolanphoto
NUTTERConstance Eileen06 April 193114A0youngest daughter of Ellis H & Ellenno image yet
NUTTEREllen13 February 195579A0wife of Ellis Hno image yet
NUTTEREllis Helliwell21 December 195175A0husband of Ellen, father of Kathleen Susanno image yet
NUTTERKathleen Susan08 August 19141 year and 7 monthsA0daughter of Ellis H & Ellen Nutterno image yet
ODDIEArthur Clarence08 November 189318 monthsC03rd son of James and Martha Jane Oddiephoto
ODDIECaroline Halliwell22 January 18895C0[Carrie] 3rd daughter of James and Martha Jane Oddiephoto
ODDIECharlotte Alice17 February 18904C0[Lottie] 4th daughter of James and Martha Jane Oddiephoto
ODDIEJames22 October 190760C0husband of Martha Jane Oddiephoto
ODDIEJames Wardle13 August 190414C02nd son of James and Martha Jane Oddiephoto
ODDIEMartha Jane04 February 194188C0wife of James Oddiephoto
ODDIEElizabeth02 November 194263M2wife of Samuel Hibbert Oddieno image yet
ODDIESamuel Hibbert25 July 196281M2husband of Elizabethno image yet
OLIVERAnnie19 March 1913190wife of Joseph Oliver, sister of May Ward, daughter of Robert Newton & Charlotte Ann Ward. see photo for further memorialphoto
PARKERAnna08 March 1941L20wife of Cuthbert Parkerno image yet
PARKERCuthbert12 January 194170L20husband of Anna Parkerno image yet
PARKINSONEdith Annie21 July 194077M55stone marked "a beloved mother"no image yet
PARKINSONHannah13 October 195157M55wife of Tom B Parkinsonno image yet
PARTINGTONAda02 June 1957760cremated 05/06/1957. "into thy hands O Lord". Base stone (where this memorial is) states a surname of PARTINGTON, however this might not be the surname of
PEACHJohn16 November 195659M46husband of Gladys. PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY CONNECTION WITH THESE NAMESno image yet
PEACHJohn21 May 195189M46husband of Selina Peach. PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY CONNECTION WITH THESE NAMESno image yet
PEACHSelina31 August 194378M46mother of John. PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY CONNECTION WITH THESE NAMESno image yet
PILKINGTONEdith Mary10 April 192550K0wife of Thomas Pilkingtonno image yet
PILKINGTONThomas06 June 193256K0husband of Edith Mary Pilkingtonno image yet
PRIESTLEYBeatrice Ellen15 December 194355M51wife of Tom Priestley, daughter of Ann & John Daviesno image yet
PULLMANAnna Maria11 March 193564M0wife of William Thomas Pullmanno image yet
PULLMANMary Ann12 July 194262M02nd wife of William Thomas Pullmanno image yet
PULLMANWilliam Thomas28 September 194777M0husband of Anna Maria Pullman and Mary Ann Pullmanno image yet
REEVESDonald15 June 194121N442581706 Signalman. Royal Signals. more informationphoto
RICHARDSAlan02 November 193917A0no image yet
RICKARDFrederick30 December 189961A0no image yet
RICKARDSarah11 July 191147A0wife of Fredrick Ano image yet
RIDINGSElizabeth Ann Smith05 September 191075A0wife of James Ridingsno image yet
RIGBYElizabeth Ann02 August 192281C0wife of Robert Rigby. "safe home in port". Also see photo 521 Warburton for gravestone in
RIGBYRobert24 May 190356C0husband of Elizabeth Ann Rigby. "at rest". Also see photo 521 Warburton for gravestone in
RILEYJohn17 November 191718C16862389 Private 50th Training Reserve Bn. more informationphoto
RILEYJohn01 February 190064C168husband of Sarah E Riley. Date and year of death incorrect but cannot view
RILEYLouisa (Louie)01 February 190015C168daughter of John & Sarah Elizabeth Riley, sister of Pte John Riley. Date of death incorrect but cannot view on
RILEYSarah Elizabeth17 March 190083C168wife of John Riley, mother of Louisa and Pte John Riley. Year of death not correc tbut cannot view on
RODGERSEmily03 September 191462C0wife of Hamilton Rodgersno image yet
RODGERSHamilton13 July 189140C0husband of Emily Rodgersno image yet
ROGERSJohn03 May 188965C0husband of Martha Annie Rogers, "of Dukinfield"no image yet
ROGERSMartha Jane07 March 188856C0wife of John Rogersno image yet
ROSSRonald26 September 19208 monthsC0son of Stanley and Annie Rossno image yet
ROWEAlbert22 January 193438M0husband of Edith, son-in-law of Jane Ann Butlerno image yet
ROYLEErnest30 June 191837H1665731 Private. Lancashire Fusiliers. Not goodbye dear one only goodnight. more informationphoto
SALTGeorge04 May 188916C0son of Joseph and Mary Ann Saltno image yet
SALTHarriet09 June 193467C0wife of William Saltno image yet
SALTMary Ann14 November 189151C0wife of Joseph Salt, mother of George Saltno image yet
SALTWilliam11 January 190233C0husband of Harriet Saltno image yet
SAUNDERSWilliam05 December 192661K0Husband of Sarah Annno image yet
SHARROCKSAlbert03 June 193662M0husband of Eva Elizabethno image yet
SILKSTONEFrancis14 May 189259C0husband of Nancy Silkstoneno image yet
SILKSTONELilian30 December 1899C0no image yet
SILKSTONENancy24 July 189255C0wife of Francis Silkstoneno image yet
SIMSAlbert William04 January 194652O18known as Bill. Husband of Florence Simsno image yet
SIMSFlorence14 February 196975O18wife of Albert William Simsno image yet
SMETHURSTEsther19 November 194389K0no image yet
SMETHURSTJohn02 January 193177K0husband of Esther Smethurstno image yet
SMETHURSTWilliam (Willie)28 February 192846K0son of John & Esther Smethurstno image yet
SMITHEdith15 May 195572K0wife of Harold Smithno image yet
SMITHHarold27 October 192848K0husband of Edith Smithno image yet
SMITHEllen30 April 193953M0wife of Robert Stanley Smith, daughter of JW & NE Hallno image yet
SMITHRobert Stanley17 February 195065M0husband of Ellen Smithno image yet
SMITHRobert C20 April 194473O2husband of Mary Elizabeth Smithno image yet
STAFFORDJames22 July 191463C0husband of Sarah Ann & Sarah, father of Mary Staffordno image yet
STAFFORDMary23 December 189616C0daughter of Sarah Ann Stafford and James Staffordno image yet
STAFFORDSarah26 October 189934C02nd wife of James Staffordno image yet
STAFFORDSarah Ann05 December 188838C0wife of James Staffordno image yet
STENINGElsie10 August 194033M57wife of Joseph Steningno image yet
STEPHENSFrank04 April 195477M0husband of Martha Annno image yet
STEPHENSMartha Ann09 January 193663M0wife of Frank Stephensno image yet
STEVENSONEthel29 April 1958750wife of Thomas Stevenson. "at rest"photo
STEVENSONThomas25 October 1933550husband of Ethel Stevensonphoto
SWAINSTONEllen14 March 189052C0wife of W R Swainstonno image yet
SWAINSTONFrancis R02 June 189146C0brother of W R Swainstonno image yet
SWAINSTONJane24 April 192980C0wife of Francis R Swainstonno image yet
TAYLORElsie18 December 189315 weeksC0daughter of David and Sarah Jane Taylor, grandaughter of Matthew & Fanny Marie Taylorno image yet
TAYLORFanny Maria28 January 189551C0wife of Matthew Taylorno image yet
TAYLORHannah Bentley05 July 190036C0wife of William Taylor, mother of Harry Taylorno image yet
TAYLORHarry10 December 190816C0son of William and Hannah Taylorno image yet
TAYLORMatthew01 March 188850C0husband of Fanny Maria Taylorno image yet
TAYLORWilliam06 June 191450C0husband of Hannah Bentley Taylor, father of Harry Taylorno image yet
TAYLORNorman Thomas11 September 193613M0no image yet
THOMASGertrude01 July 19021 year, 9 monthsC0date of death not correctphoto
THOMASHarry06 March 188918 monthsC0photo
THOMASMary Ellen13 March 191855C0wife of GH Thomasphoto
THOMPSONChristiana Hester11 September 193768M71wife of John James Dalton Thompsonno image yet
THOMPSONJohn James Dalton24 May 195482M71husband of Christiana Hester Thompsonno image yet
THORPEJocelyn Field10 June 194067K0Briggs memorial. Born 01/12/1872. Husband of Lilian Thorpe. "Knight CBE FRS"no image yet
THORPELilian23 April 1967K0Briggs memorial. Wife of Jocelyn Field Thorpe. Only daughter of William & Alice Briggsno image yet
TIMPERLEYClara20 June 193055C0wife of John William Timperleyno image yet
TIMPERLEYFrances (Fanny)30 December 189980C0wife of John Timperleyno image yet
TIMPERLEYJohn12 October 189065C0husband of Frances (Fanny) Timperleyno image yet
TIMPERLEYJohn William21 July 194369C0husband of Clara Timperleyno image yet
TINKEREliza04 May 189161C0wife of George Tinkerno image yet
TINKERGeorge28 October 189564C0husband of Eliza Tinkerno image yet
TOMLINSONArthur26 March 193466M0husband of Martha Tomlinsonno image yet
TOMLINSONMartha24 January 195283M0wife of Arthur Tomlinsonno image yet
TOWNSONWilliam24 April 194963M0husband of Elsie Townson. stone marked with "No. 2976"no image yet
TOWNSONElsie08 April 196173M5wife of William Townson, stone marked with "No..2976"no image yet
TROWSDALELena Mabel17 February 193445M0wife of Ivor H Trowsdaleno image yet
WADESusannah27 March 190084C0Widow of Samuel Wadephoto
WAITERichard06 August 193858C0husband of Elizabeth Ellen Waiteno image yet
WAKEHAMColin Brent13 November 192613K0born 31/05/1913. Youngest child of Ernest Edgar & Gertrude Wain Wakehamno image yet
WAKEHAMErnest Edgar19 September 194472K0husband of Gertrude Wain Wakehamno image yet
WAKEHAMGertrude Wain10 April 193764K0born 22/02/1873. Wife of Ernest Edgar Wakehamno image yet
WALDERRuth24 December 195191M0no image yet
WALKERElizabeth03 March 196686O4wife of Joseph Walkerno image yet
WALKERJoseph15 June 194474O4husband of Elizabeth Walkerno image yet
WALLAda04 August 194576O17wife of George Frederick Wallno image yet
WALLGeorge Frederick21 July 191642O17"Killed in action". Husband of Ada Wall. more informationno image yet
WARBURTONJoyce09 December 190315 monthsC0daughter of Arthur and Isabella Warburton. Grave is bottom right hand corner on photo. Also see photo 518 Rigby/Cooperphoto
WARBURTONCyril05 August 194323I1711034051 Sergeant. Pilot. Royal Air Force. GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS. more informationphoto
WARDAlice07 February 1898630wife of John Ward, mother of Sarah Wardphoto
WARDCharlotte Ann05 June 1917470wife of Robert Newton Ward, mother of May Ward & Annie Oliver. "peace, perfect peace"photo
WARDJohn17 June 1906740husband of Alice Ward, father of Sarah Ward. Also see photo 512photo
WARDLily27 May 191690daughter of George & Elizabeth Ward. "who fell asleep in Jesus". Also see photo
WARDMay20 November 191213.50daughter of Robert Newton & Charlotte Ann Ward. "safe in the arms of Jesus"photo
WARDRobert Newton12 December 1938770husband of Charlotte Ann Ward and Sarah Ward. Father of May Ward and Annie
WARDSarah19 June 1929620second wife of Robert Newton Ward, sister of Charlotte Anne Wardphoto
WARDSarah17 August 1894350daughter of John and Alice Wardphoto
WARDMary Elizabeth14 January 190938C0wife of Wiliam H Ward, daughter of John and Martha Annie Rogersno image yet
WARDIsabella17 February 1947H12wife of William Ward, mother of Wilfrid Ward. "Reunited".photo
WARDWilfrid09 February 194925H12Stf Sgt Mjr. MSM. Son of William and Isabella Ward. He passed in the gracious fullness of his time to nobler work for him he served so well. more informationphoto
WARDWilliam14 February 192665H12husband of Isabella Ward, father of Wilfrid Ward. "Life's work well done".photo
WARRENJohn Arthur05 December 192560K0Husband of Florence Warrenno image yet
WATSONCharles Thomas01 June 190552C0Date of death probably not correct but cannot read on
WATSONCharles Thomas24 January 192338C0year of death might not be
WATSONElizabeth Mary12 December 190323C0daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Watsonphoto
WATSONEllen16 January 191122C0wife of Derwent Watsonphoto
WATSONMary Ann29 June 190153C0wife of Thomas Watsonphoto
WHEELDONBenjamin30 August 191829C0"their only and beloved son"no image yet
WHEELDONDoris19 November 190111 monthsC0no image yet
WHEELDONElsie21 June 192430C0"daughter"no image yet
WHEELDONKate19 September 18902C0daughter of Tom & Olive Wheeldonno image yet
WHEELDONTom20 June 192473C0husband of Olive Wheeldonno image yet
WHISKERMary Ellen12 June 193166K0wife of William John Whiskerno image yet
WHISKERWilliam John05 May 194075K0husband of Mary Ellen Whiskerno image yet
WHITBREADGeorge08 August 193567M0husband of Annie, pastor of Particular Baptist Chapel for 12 yearsno image yet
WHITEHEADMartha30 December 1936740wife of Samuel Whiteheadphoto
WHITEHEADSamuel13 July 1927740husband of Martha Whitehead. "at rest"photo
WHITEHEADFanny Beatrice10 September 191530C57wife of Fred Whiteheadphoto
WHITEHEADHarry04 May 190921C57son of William & Lucy Ann Whiteheadphoto
WHITEHEADRobert01 May 191826C57son of William & Lucy Ann Whitehead. Royal Garrison Artillery. more informationphoto
WHITEHEADRobert15 December 189058C57husband of Sarah Whiteheadphoto
WHITEHEADSarah31 January 191279C57wife of Robert Whiteheadphoto
WHITEHEADAnn15 October 1942C240wife of George Whiteheadno image yet
WHITEHEADAlice03 March 197772I50wife of William Whiteheadno image yet
WHITEHEADLucy Ann12 March 194078I50wife of William Whiteheadno image yet
WHITEHEADWilliam16 September 196164I50husband of Alice Whiteheadno image yet
WHITEHEADWilliam14 February 192060I50husband of Lucy Ann Whiteheadno image yet
WHITEHEADCharles02 August 194048M56husband of Charlotteno image yet
WHITTAKERFrederick30 May 194082K0husband of Martha Jane Whittakerno image yet
WHITTAKERMartha Jane05 June 192863K0wife of Frederick Whittakerno image yet
WHITTAKERElizabeth Jane01 August 1942M67wife of Samuel Whittaker, exact date of death uncertain as stone is worn awayno image yet
WHITTAKERLettie?30 December 1899M67stone worn awayno image yet
WHITTAKERSamuel08 March 194268M67husband of Elizabeth Jane Whittakerno image yet
WILKINSONErnest03 December 192833K0Husband of Hilda Wilkinson. Son of Arthur and Harriet Wilkinsonno image yet
WILKINSONHarriet02 February 193769K0Mother of Ernest Wilkinson. Wife of Arthur Wilkinson. "Dot"no image yet
WILLIAMSJames21 September 19152C0son of Charles and Lottie Williamsno image yet
WILLIAMSMay01 August 19081C0exact date of death not recorded - August 1908. Daughter of Charles & Lottie Williamsno image yet
WILLIAMSSarah A01 August 19082C0exact date of death not recorded - August 1908. Daughter of Charles & Lottie Williamsno image yet
WILLIAMSONFanny07 March 193433M0daughter of George and Harriet Williamsonno image yet
WILLIAMSONGeorge02 June 194480M0husband of Harriet Williamsonno image yet
WILLIAMSONHarriet31 October 194780M0wife of George Williamsonno image yet
WILSONGeorge Gibson Patrick06 September 193673M61wife of Mary Jane Wilsonno image yet
WILSONMary Jane03 September 195687M61wife of George Gibson Patrick Wilsonno image yet
WOODROWJane02 January 194682M52wife of John Samuel Woodrowno image yet
WOODROWJohn Samuel20 November 194070M52husband of Jane Woodrowno image yet
WOODWARDAlice11 March 197061M58daughter of Samuel & Clara Bannisterno image yet
WRIGHTElizabeth Ann18 January 194767M0wife of Thomas Wrightno image yet
WRIGHTEllen22 August 193229M0daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Ann Wrightno image yet
WRIGHTThomas24 November 193374M0husband of Elizabeth Ann Wrightno image yet