Genealogy, history and memories of Blackley, Manchester, UK

Origins of this website


The Church of St. Peter, Blackley, like so many other churches, receives many enquiries from people looking for information about their ancestors.  Although very large, and containing many graves, the upper churchyard at St. Peter's (in use from approximately 1890 onwards) does not have any plan to show where each grave is located so, whilst carrying out clearing and restoration work in the churchyard, the small group of volunteers also decided to start to record the details from the gravestones.  Although this work is not complete, and is temporarily on hold due to a lack of volunteers, I have continued to do research for people making enquiries and make all of this information available on this site.

History and Memories

One evening, an elderly friend was telling me about his family's experiences in Blackley during the Second World War.  I realised that there must be a lot of memories and stories like this which people would like to share and which others would like to read about.  So a few weeks later, I went to the friend's house armed with my laptop and started typing whilst he dictated the stories.  Since then, other people have also contacted me with history, memories and photographs.